Consistent consulting for optimal value creation

Successful, digital value creation consists of many elements that go far beyond the communicative web presence. For us, Digitial Xploration (DxPn) means thinking and acting in holistic perspectives. This is how we achieve sustainable acquisition and retention of users and customers.

Invest today to succeed tomorrow

Future-proof companies need comprehensive answers to the challenges of digitization. As an agency with over 20 years of experience, we like to start the consulting process by listening to you first. Then we continue with finding solutions in the form of a customized online strategy, in order to systematically position your products, business processes, services and information on the web based on this.

The form of the concrete implementation is always designed by our specialists together with our customers: from the modern corporate website to online stores, portal solutions, intranet applications to online marketing and social media management. The professional measurement of the success of all measures by means of meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) is naturally included. When would you like to challenge us?

The complete spectrum of digital services

+Pluswerk creates effective connections of digital business consulting and impressive projects. We specifically go beyond your pure online presence and offer you these services, among others:  

  • Strategy and realization of all digital tasks 
  • Analysis of the online behavior of your target groups
  • Definition of your online strategy goals
  • Conception of all communicative and sales marketing measures
  • Development of an individual content strategy
  • Conception and implementation of internal social media guidelines incl. training courses
  • Integration of carefully selected external multipliers and influencers 

Flexible project management for more transparency

The implementation of digitization in companies is almost always a major challenge for the organization. To ensure that you as a customer are involved in implementation processes from the very beginning, we work with agile project management methods such as Scrum or Kanban. This allows you to exert direct influence at every step and adapt the goals and methods to new circumstances and challenges along the way at any time. 

Top Digital business through successful changes

More and more parts of society and the economy are being defined by the Internet as an all-pervasive cross-cutting technology.. As a result, established business models and processes must also be reassessed, rethought and adapted. In management consulting, +Pluswerk therefore first develops a digital basis to which all other necessary building blocks of your business are then docked. 

Digitization also brings previously distant business areas closer together. Marketing penetrates human resources as employer branding, sales relies on leads from social media management, and customer service is no longer conceivable at all without a digital, multi-channel CRM. We help you keep a cool head and maintain an overview at the same time. 

The future lies ahead of us

We make significant and measurable contributions to the digital transformation and implementation of digital potential at our customers. 

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