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In the beginning, online shopping was simple. Merchants placed products in an online store, and customers made purchases on the merchant's website. Today, there is an unmanageable number of channels, portals and marketplaces on an increasing variety of end devices between smartphone and desktop PC. We guide you through the digital jungle so that at the end of the day your growth and sales are right in both online and digitally supported offline commerce.

Understanding the e-commerce needs of our customers comes before implementing any measure such as developing a sales channel or designing a marketing campaign. Our team of experts conducts an in-depth analysis to identify possible systems, implementation and integration methods that are ideally suited to the customer's specific needs. 

To do this, we first perform a holistic transaction analysis of the important processes and relationships, such as payment and logistics processes, as well as other specifics. In this way, we determine the appropriate store system. Subsequently, the inventory is prepared for optimal presentation and conversion capability: Texts, images and descriptions for integration on the Product Detail Page (PDP).

At the +Pluswerk agency, you will find creative minds, detail-oriented software developers and experienced e-commerce experts united under one roof. We are the strong partner that offers you digital full service from a single source: 

  • Advice on the selection of an online store system 
  • Individual and responsive store design
  • Geared towards multi-channel sales with appropriate UX design
  • Technical realization by our own programmers 
  • Systematic store optimization - for traffic, leads, sales, etc. 
  • Integration of all kinds of interfaces (APIs) also for dropshipping

Pimcore, Shopware and more 

We are specialists for the e-commerce systems Shopware and PIMCORE. Shopware is a German store system that allows a particularly fast and easy setup of a store and offers both on-premise and cloud-based solutions. PIMCORE is the only open source-based and license-free digital experience platform that optimally combines content and commerce. We have many years of experience with both systems and have implemented many successful projects for our customers.

Future-oriented sales in the digital transformation

Without the right strategy and planning, long-term profit is difficult to achieve in a highly complex market environment such as e-commerce. At the end of the day, every strategy must be measured by the sales and profit achieved. The first step is therefore always a clearly defined and measurable goal such as "in 2 years, we want to achieve 5 percent market share among our most important target groups". 

On the way to achieving the goal, continuous performance measurement is then essential: website, sales and customer analyses at regular intervals show you what still needs to be improved in terms of sales. At the same time, current and expected revenues and expenses should always be compared with liquidity planning to avoid liquidity bottlenecks - especially for start-ups.

With our extensive experience from hundreds of successful e-commerce projects, we are the Digital Specialist Group that will make your business on the Internet a success, both technically and strategically and entrepreneurially.

The future lies ahead of us

We make significant and measurable contributions to the digital transformation and implementation of digital potential at our customers. 

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