Enhance Pimcore with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence

AI.Hub is a new innovation from the +Pluswerk location in Gdansk (Poland), LemonMind. The AI.Hub extends Pimcore with three services AI by integrating it with state-of-the-art  AI LLM’s from Open.AI, DeepL, HugginFace and other. With LemonMind AI.Hub, creation, translation, SEO optimization of product descriptions is continuously taken over by artificial intelligence:

  • Marketer
  • AI.Assistant
  • AI.DataHarvester

Innovative combination of AI and product data stored in PIM system delivers precise, detailed and correct product descriptions for customers in B2B or B2C business in a matter of seconds and integrates them into the Pimcore system. Your business benefits from more precise, SEO-optimized product descriptions and a tailored customer approach, which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates and stronger customer loyalty.

LemonMind AI Hub Schematics

The innovation behind the AI.Hub

AI-driven PIM extension

LemonMind AI.Hub acts as a link between PIM systems and advanced AI-based translation and text generation services. The AI.Hub is installed as a bundle in Pimcore and thus enables access to advanced algorithms and large language models that generates and translate texts based on context and acts as a personal assistant for the product and e-commerce websites. Additional AI models can be connected quickly and easily via the API integrated in AI.Hub.

LemonMind AI.Hub not only generates or translates the texts, but also adapts them to the provider's tone of voice, thus ensuring an appealing and market-oriented design. What is more, with use of product data from PIM delivers well trained website conversational assistant which can answer as precise as sales assistant working 24/7. AI.Hub also adapts flexibly to other PIM systems and offers customized solutions for multilingual product communication on many systems at any time. At the end of the day, this saves valuable time and resources in the product information team.

AI-driven Pimcore revolution

What the AI.Hub can do

Thanks to the automated integration of ChatGPT and DeepL, the Lemonmind AI.Hub offers the following eight core functions, among others:

  1. Automatic text translation: Significantly speeds up the process of creating multilingual websites and product descriptions.
  2. SEO optimization: Generates customized content that is tailored to the requirements of the SEO strategy.
  3. Automatic generation of product descriptions: Creates unique and engaging content that increases conversion rates.
  4. Automatic proofreading of texts: recognizes and corrects grammatical and stylistic errors.
  5. Text modification in the context of stylistics: Adapts texts to specific communication styles and target groups.
  6. Generation of value-based content: Creates content that focuses on the values and benefits of products.
  7. Smart Search Capabilities: Website assistant that understands context and intent.
  8. Real-Time Interaction: Provides conversation with customers as a sales support instantly, answering their queries with precision and personalization.

From data to strategy

AI-based digital solutions from +Pluswerk

The use of artificial intelligence will continue to revolutionize all areas of the internet. AI algorithms are increasingly automating and optimizing time-consuming tasks such as data entry and verification. This leads to a significant increase in efficiency on many levels and enables companies to focus more on strategic tasks.

+Pluswerk is the perfect partner for a future-oriented digital strategy with AI integration. With our extensive expertise in digital solutions and our passion for technology, we offer a unique combination of creativity and know-how. With more than 20 years of experience in software development and agile ways of working, we seamlessly adapt our solutions to our clients' needs.

The future lies ahead of us

Unleash the power of artificial intelligence for Pimcore.

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