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+Pluswerk: That's more than 160 highly motivated digital experts with many different areas of expertise, united under the umbrella of a strong common brand. At over seven locations - in Germany and at the up-and-coming IT location Cluj-Napoca in Romania. As one of the leading agencies for the entire claviature of digital brand management, we offer the full range of consulting, creation, technical implementation and long-term service.

Excellent team players for a comprehensive range of services

We are convinced that we can best achieve excellent results as a team. Today, the spectrum of digital solutions is far too extensive for the knowledge of one individual to be sufficient. Only the interaction of excellent specialists as a well-coordinated group guarantees successful and customized digital solutions. Under the maxim "We are +Pluswerk", we have been living this idea of successful teamwork for over 20 years. 

In project development, which we design together with our clients on an equal footing, our creative team ensures that we strike the right note for your brand. Our technical experts create matching digital worlds of experience. In doing so, we always keep the economic and communicative goals of our clients in mind. Together, we find the perfect composition of creation, conception and technical solution. And our online marketing experts ensure the right reach.

Worth seeing? Excellent!

Projects from +Pluswerk can be seen. Not only our clients and we are convinced of this. The agency is also a welcome guest at major awards ceremonies. The fact that the critical juries are not only impressed by the appearance of our projects is proven by the diverse mix of awards from the areas of creation, technology and efficiency. 

Together with our clients, we have already won prizes at the Econ Awards and the German Design Awards, where we scored points with award-winning store concepts. At the renowned TYPO3 Awards, too, projects by +Pluswerk have regularly been on the winners' podium since the award's inception. We are very proud to be awarded for creative and technical solutions.

Efficiency through agility

Agile working methods determine our thinking and actions. To this end, we use proven methods such as Scrum or Kanban. In this way, we respond to the increasing complexity of digital projects with more flexibility.

In operational project management, agile working methods allow us to intervene in a controlling and changing manner in every status of the project. This allows us to identify possible undesirable developments more quickly and correct them effectively. 

Your advantages: Planning reliability, cost-effectiveness and an outstanding digital product for your company.

+Pluswerk Locations


Konrad-​Zuse-Platz 8
81829 München



Heßbrühlstraße 7
70565 Stuttgart



Hohe Straße 102
44139 Dortmund



Bautzner Str. 45
01099 Dresden



Albert-Vater-Str. 102
39108 Magdeburg



Albertstr. 8
93047 Regensburg



Strada Ploiești nr. 9, birou 411
400157 Cluj-Napoca


The future lies ahead of us.

We make significant and measurable contributions to the digital transformation and implementation of digital potential at our customers. 

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