+Pluswerk brings your brand to success

A good brand is more than a label that ensures distinctiveness. A brand creates added value for customers and companies, provides orientation in times of uncertainty, and thus gives you the decisive competitive edge.

Communication tools in harmony

Whether it's traditional advertising, PR or sales promotion, when a company communicates about products, it always does so with the help of a brand. But just like in a well-rehearsed orchestra, only the perfect interplay of all brand communication instruments ensures a successful performance. 

As a digital agency, our special focus is on the appearance of your brand on the World Wide Web. We expand the radiance and awareness of your brand online with viral campaigns, through social media integration and on online event platforms - or simply with the brilliant presentation and marketing of your product portfolio.

Strong corporate identity thanks to systematic brand management

With our consulting, you strengthen the power of your brand to inspire and transform your business - for the benefit of your business and your customers. To do this, we use these tools, among others: 

  • Brand development: find the true strengths of your brand
  • Brand strategy: The master plan for brand omnipresence
  • Brand positioning: For the right images in the minds of your customers 
  • Brand architecture: Creates order in product and brand portfolios
  • Brand design: Embodies your brand in a unique form
  • Brand implementation: Systematically optimizing customer touchpoints
  • Brand controlling: Measuring brand success with customized KPIs

Management consulting with a brand focus

Without a successful brand, there can be no successful company: Only those providers that arouse relevant desires among customers, employees and prospects will be the winning brands of tomorrow. That's why we always combine our brand consulting with a holistic view of the brand environment within your organization: How does your brand influence what the organization actually does? Our brand consultants answer this question and many more to ensure that your brand's external appearance is optimally successful.

Brand Consulting and Rmployer Branding united

We advise you on the launch of a new brand and ensure optimal brand positioning with your target groups. In growth phases, such as acquisitions, mergers or the opening up of international markets, we develop your brand further so that it can unfold its full potential. And we are also happy to advise you in difficult phases of declining popularity or a necessary repositioning of your brand. 

In times of an omnipresent shortage of skilled workers, successful employer branding is at least as important a field of activity. Employer branding focuses on the impact of a brand on current and future employees. In a successful employer brand, the management of HR benefits, motivators, processes and communication intertwine in such a way that the brand can optimally fulfill the emotional needs of employees and applicants.

The future lies ahead of us

We make significant and measurable contributions to the digital transformation and implementation of digital potential at our customers. 

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