Jens Krumm, Vorstand +Pluswerk
Jens Krumm

CEO of +Pluswerk and Digital Entrepreneur

From 18 to 20 April 2024, the European TYPO3 community met in Zurich for the 5th TYPO3 Camp Switzerland. We were represented at the largest TYPO3 Barcamp in Switzerland by our CEO Jens Krumm and three developers from the +Pluswerk site in Regensburg.

Meeting point, networking hub and place to refuel: the cafeteria at Zurich Youth Hostel.

From 18 to 20 April 2024, the European TYPO3 community met for the 5th TYPO3 Camp Switzerland in Zurich. The largest TYPO3 Barcamp in Switzerland is an important platform for exchanging information about the latest developments, progress and trends relating to the popular open source CMS. We were there with our CEO Jens Krumm and three developers from the +Pluswerk site in Regensburg.

The venue was Zurich Youth Hostel, which scored highly with its location not far from Lake Zurich, good transport links and the wide range of rooms and facilities on offer. Around 80 participants had travelled from different countries, which meant that French, Dutch, English, Norwegian and different variants of German were among the languages spoken during the introductory round.

The session schedule for the first day quickly filled up with topics such as strategy and the future of CMS, the influence of AI on TYPO3, content blocks, headless CMS and much more. What was unusual was that the first topic of the day - democratically unanimous - became a compulsory event for all attendees: The volunteer teams of the TYPO3 community are still looking for reinforcements and are happy to welcome new members.

Picture top left: the organisers Manuel Glauser (left) Andri Steiner (right) and David Höckele, many thanks

TYPO3 as a product and managed monitoring

Another focus of the sessions on both days of the event was the further development of TYPO3 as a product. The sessions emphasised the impressive professionalism and networking of the TYPO3 community, which produces many valuable contributions on a voluntary basis. Classic points of criticism such as the complicated backend and costly upgrades were also addressed. In today's fast-moving IT world, TYPO3 scores with established structures and sustainability.

On our own behalf, we are very pleased that we were able to present our TYPO3 extension "MaMo - Managed Monitoring" from the +Pluswerk location Dortmund - Cloud Hosting at Mobilistics. MaMo allows us to keep track of our customers' TYPO3 systems that we need to update. Here we can see at a glance whether new updates are available and when the last update was carried out. This allows us to install the appropriate updates at any time according to our customers' individual requirements.

+Pluswerk at the General Assembly of the TYPO3 Association

On the eve of the TYPO3 Barcamp, the TYPO3 Association held its general meeting, which was also attended by +Pluswerk Managing Director Jens Krumm. Under the supervision of the Business Control Committee, the actions of the board were approved and several new committee members were elected. The Association has made significant progress in the past year, gaining new members and expanding its presence at events. We are proud to be part of the TYPO3 community, which is committed to open and sustainable software.

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