Successful upgrade to TYPO3 11 LTS

The University of Erfurt once again is at the forefront!

The LTS version of TYPO3 offers tangible advantages:

  • through backend deeplinks as well as numerous other features, such as System Notes facilitation in the daily editorial routine.
  • the page tree width can be changed again! It was fixed since TYPO3 8 LTS. Editors will breathe a sigh of relief
  • even better performance due to support of the current PHP version
  • Multifactor authentication for the TYPO3 backend
  • Improved keyboard navigation for the TYPO3 backend (optimized accessibility)

Read about all optimizations:

In the TYPO3 Release Notes you can find all details about the new features of TYPO3 11 LTS.

Example of good cooperation with the TYPO3 community

TYPO3 As open source software, TYPO3 is dependent on further development through the work of the TYPO3 community. the adaptation of extensions is usually a time-critical challenge in the initial phase of a new major version.

The team from the +Pluswerk sites in Dortmund and Munich was able to make optimizations in the course of the upgrade for the university of Erfurt, for example with Solr and ig_ldap_sso_auth. A core bug was also identified, which was fixed in the community.

In relation to an overall relaunch, small upgrade projects mean a big step forward for the usability and performance of the university website. It is a prime example for the benefits of a Continuous Relaunch and a very good cooperation.

The +Pluswerk team realized in these days with the website sprint, the upgrade to TYPO3 version 11 LTS for one of Germany's youngest universities.

A contribution by:
Write to her at info(at)pluswerk(dot)ag