Jens Krumm, Vorstand +Pluswerk
Jens Krumm

CEO of +Pluswerk and Digital Entrepreneur

This year, +Pluswerk was represented at several locations at Pimcore Inspire in Zell am See, Austria. CEO Jens Krumm travelled from Munich, while other colleagues found their way to the Alps from Regensburg and Gdansk.

Our participation in Inspire was a complete success for us. We were able to present our new AI.Hub for Pimcore live at our stand to Pimcore founder and CEO Dietmar "Dietz" Rietsch. The AI.Hub developed by +Pluswerk integrates state-of-the-art AI technologies from leading providers such as "OpenAI", "DeepL" and "Hugging Face" into Pimcore and other product data management environments. With the AI.Hub modules AI.Marketer, AI.Assistant and AI.DataHarvester, artificial intelligence is used specifically where it is needed.

The +Pluswerk team at the booth at Pimcore Inspire 2024

Innovations and networking on location

We are very excited about the upcoming Pimcore innovations around the Pimcore Studio and Pimcore as a PaaS service that will be presented in Zell am See. The upcoming UI/UX improvements of the Pimcore Studio, especially with the introduction of the Ant Design System and a customisable, flexible user interface, promise an improved user experience for all users of the Pimcore backend. The ability to use Pimcore as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) in various environments, such as +Pluswerk Managed Cloud Hosting, also significantly increases flexibility and scalability for our customers.

Afterwards, we were able to make many interesting contacts and hold interesting technical discussions with other implementation partners both on site at our stand at the Pimcore Expo and in the evening at the Alpine Party sponsored by +Pluswerk. And we are delighted to have witnessed the launch of the new technology alliance between Pimcore and Shopware at Inspire.

Pimcore Managing Director Dietmar "Dietz" Rietsch at the +Pluswerk stand during Pimcore Inspire 2024

Dietmar "Dietz" Rietsch, founder and CEO of Pimcore (left) was presented with our new AI.Hub by Mateusz Soroka (centre) and Olgierd Mrozik (right) from the +Pluswerk site in Gdansk.

Synergy for the future: Pimcore & Shopware

The global technology alliance between Pimcore and Shopware brings together two leading providers of e-commerce and data management solutions. We welcome this alliance as a game-changing step for the future of digital commerce, as it offers significant benefits for both Pimcore and Shopware customers.

Shopware will be integrated into Pimcore's PIM and data management offering as a preferred partner for core commerce functions. In turn, Pimcore will be integrated into the Shopware platform, allowing users to benefit from more efficient and centralised data management.

Both platforms will be enhanced with an AI co-pilot that will be used in both the backend and frontend: AI-based product categorisation and data enrichment will improve the efficiency of product information management in Pimcore, while generating personalised recommendations and offers for customers in Shopware.

+Pluswerk is both a certified Pimcore Platinum Partner and a Shopware Bronze Partner. As a "Joint Partner", we have been involved right from the start. We develop customised e-commerce strategies and solutions that are precisely tailored to the goals and requirements of our customers. Supplementary support and training services then enable the optimal utilisation of the new solutions.

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