Jens Krumm, Vorstand +Pluswerk
Jens Krumm

CEO of +Pluswerk and Digital Entrepreneur

+Pluswerk is growing with the integration of the new Polish site LemonMind in Gdańsk. This strengthens our European presence in three EU countries and our data management expertise. The new AI.Hub developed by LemonMind revolutionizes the management of product information through AI, improves SEO and customer loyalty.

The German-based digital solution provider +Pluswerk continues its growth course and welcomes the Polish software company LemonMind as a new location in the network. The latest expansion underlines the international orientation of +Pluswerk, which now has a presence in three EU countries. LemonMind from Gdańsk brings extensive expertise in the development of complex business systems with a focus on the Pimcore, Symfony and Vue platforms.

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AI.Hub: The future of product information

The latest innovation from +Pluswerk is the AI.Hub developed by LemonMind. The AI.Hub revolutionizes the way companies manage their product information by integrating cutting-edge AI technologies from leading providers such as "OpenAI", "DeepL" and "Hugging Face" into product data management environments. With the AI.Hub modules AI.Marketer, AI.Assistant and AI.DataHarvester, artificial intelligence is used specifically where it is needed.


For example, the AI.Marketer of the AI.Hub takes over the creation, translation, SEO optimization and updating of product descriptions fully automatically. Seamless integration into existing systems such as Pimcore enables even faster and more precise provision of product information based on customer needs in the B2B or B2C sector, which in turn leads to improved conversion rates and stronger customer loyalty.

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The extended +Pluswerk live at Pimcore Inspire

The extended +Pluswerk including AI.Hub will be presented live at the upcoming Pimcore Inspire on March 19 and 20 in Zell am See (Austria). Pimcore Inspire is the central meeting place for innovators and thought leaders in Pimcore and offers an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest technologies and best practices in the areas of content, data and digital asset management as well as e-commerce.

A glimps into the future

Further information about the AI.hub is available in person at Pimcore Inspire 2024 or online...


AI.Hub - Extension for Pimcore