Portal proves that politics is not a dry subject.

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Politics is dry subject matter? Not for the Hanns Seidel Foundation, which wants to get young people in particular interested in political contexts and political commitment. After the comprehensive relaunch of the online portal, a visually clear structure of the texts and the clean "look & feel" make content easier to grasp and attractive for the reader. The Solr search presents results as fast as an arrow so that readers can quickly find the content they are looking for. And that on more than 20 country pages, in 17 languages under a common TYPO3 roof.




  • Responsive web design
  • UX-optimized TYPO3 backend
  • Performant Solr search
  • Content migration to new design
  • Over 20 country pages in 17 languages
  • Connection to CRM and booking system
  • Connection to library and archive system

About the Hanns Seidel Foundation


"In the service of democracy, peace and development", the Hanns Seidel Foundation carries out political education work at home and abroad on the basis of a Christian worldview. Founded in 1967, the CSU-affiliated Hanns Seidel Foundation is a political foundation that carries out political education work at home and abroad on the basis of a Christian worldview. It is named after the former Bavarian Prime Minister and CSU Chairman Hanns Seidel. With its specialized departments, it is active in the areas of political consulting, political education, promotion of gifted students and in development cooperation with approximately 90 projects in around 60 countries worldwide.

Concept & Design

Good text - especially on the Internet - thrives on clear visual structure. Image elements or color-coded text passages facilitate readability and thus increase the chance that the message and content will be optimally perceived by the recipient. With the relaunch, the +Pluswerk team therefore tackled a truly mammoth task and transferred all the content of the existing site into a new, optimized structure. Attractive landing pages whet the visitor's appetite for more and draw him into the website. And so that they don't get lost there, despite the sheer unmanageable flood of information, Solr technology ensures that the content they are looking for appears on the screen in a fraction of a second.

The web special fjs.de, which pays tribute to the politician Franz Josef Strauß and his estate and interactively documents his travels in a "historically correct" Google Maps view from 1980, is created on the same technical basis.

Solution and technical implementation

  • Low-barrier navigation and content
  • Flexible and robust framework into which all FES content can be migrated in the future
  • High flexibility for editors and individual page design through multi-column grid elements
  • Additional navigation enables the integration of further subsections
  • Delivery of configured foreign instances
  • Media management
  • Topic calendar and congress planner
  • Connection of the digital library with 2 million titles from Oracle
  • Connection of the event data incl. faceting from Oracle
  • Topic configurator with which existing content elements can be co-figured into new landing pages via keywords

The future lies ahead of us

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