TYPO3 Camp Central Germany in Dresden

April 2022

As an agency group that is also active in the TYPO3 environment, +Pluswerk attaches great importance to staying in touch with the community and also making its own contribution to the further development of the CMS and its users. And so +Pluswerk appeared again this year as a sponsor of the TYPO3 Camp Mitteldeutschland.

After the now fourth TYPO3 Camp Central Germany had to pause last year due to the Corona pandemic, the joy was now great to be able to gather again in the Hygiene Museum Dresden.

About 200 participants exchanged here on the weekend of 31.3. - 2.4.2022 on all topics around TYPO3. Again designed in the form of a bar camp, all participants were called upon to contribute their own topics; to this end, they could - depending on the interest of the other participants - organize presentations or discussion rounds in larger or smaller groups.

In the process, the exchange of knowledge and exciting discussions were not neglected. And that both with other participants and sponsors as well as within the +Pluswerk: We were represented on site this year with no less than three locations. The Dresden location had home advantage - just like SG Dynamo Dresden right next door in the Rudolf Harbig Stadium on the same Friday. The Davitec GmbH was represented around the two managing directors Carlos Meyer and Dr. Rico Schüppel with full team strength. The delegation from the Munich site, consisting of Stefan Bauer, Diana Fuchs-Schlamp, Sebastian Hofer and +Pluswerk board member Jens Krumm, had the longest journey. And also the location Magdeburg did not miss the TYPO3 Camp with managing director Markus Buff from buff.media advertising agency.

As every year, we take not only nice memories of the two evenings in the Zapfanstalt Dresden and the Bärenzwinger with us, but above all some new input and knowledge about TYPO3: Extensions, future perspectives, project management topics and updates may be mentioned here as examples.

You are planning a project with TYPO3 or have questions about the implementation in the TYPO3 environment? Just write us a short mail or call us at  +49 89 4132580-0. We are here for you with pleasure!

A contribution by:
Luisa is a marketing professional at +Pluswerk in Dresden
Write to her at info(at)pluswerk(dot)ag