Jens Krumm, Vorstand +Pluswerk
Jens Krumm

CEO of +Pluswerk and Digital Entrepreneur

Our annual +Pluswerk meeting took place from Thursday evening, June 13th to Saturday noon, June 15th, 2024. This time we met south of Berlin directly on the picturesque Müggelsee in the “Müggelsee Perle” conference center.

From Thursday evening, June 13 to Saturday noon, June 15, 2024, our annual +Pluswerk meeting took place. This time we met south of Berlin directly on the picturesque Müggelsee in the "Müggelsee Perle" conference center.

The meeting had several goals: Networking between our various +Pluswerk locations, including getting to know our colleagues in person, further training for our front-end and back-end developers and communication and project management training for all other +Pluswerkers. The choice of venue proved to be a hit.

The idyllic surroundings of Lake Müggelsee not only provided an inspiring setting for the work meetings, but also numerous opportunities for relaxed moments and team-building activities. A special highlight was the joint boat trip on Friday evening, where we were able to enjoy the beautiful backdrop of the Müggelberge mountains.

The annual meetings are of great importance to +Pluswerk. They are a unique opportunity for us to further strengthen cooperation and cohesion within our locations. Here we learn from each other, exchange ideas and jointly set the course for future projects and challenges.

Open in LightboxSunset at Müggelsee in the east of Berlin 
Sunset at Müggelsee in the east of Berlin 

Sustainable software development with Sebastian Bergmann and Stefan Priebsch

Our workshops at the +Pluscamp focused on the two topics of sustainable software development and test-driven development. While working together with the +Pluswerk developers, we took a holistic look at the topic of software development based on their diverse project experience. In doing so, we opened up new areas in which developers can write software even more efficiently and focus the development process more strongly on customer benefits.

We perceived the workshops as a great learning experience for the participating developers. Our external view of established working methods has provided new insights and approaches and thus also intrinsically motivated the participants to get to know and try out new ways of solving problems.

Sebastian Bergmann (left in the picture) and Stefan Priebsch (right) are co-founders of, internationally sought-after experts for software development and open source people from the very beginning. -

Sebastian Bergmann (left) and Stefan Priebsch (right)
Sebastian Bergmann (left) and Stefan Priebsch (right)

Topics and technologies

Several exciting and educational training sessions took place during the meeting, led by renowned experts in their fields.

The first highlight was the training for our backend developers, which was conducted by Sebastian Bergmann and Stefan Priebsch. They gave a deep insight into modern software development, testing methods and the future of AI. The sessions covered a wide range of topics, from whether to prioritize more code or better testing to hands-on exercises with PHP 8.3 and PHPUnit 11. Particularly inspiring was the discussion about lean software and the importance of resource conservation and efficiency in software development. The participants received valuable tips on how to improve their software architecture, which is not only functional but also of high quality.

For our front-end developers, UX designers and creatives, the training with Vitaly Friedmann was an absolute must. Vitaly, known from Smashing Magazine, brought exciting and current topics with him. He started with an overview of workflow and UX strategies and explained how to effectively integrate design systems. Another highlight was his talk on Design with AI in 2024, where he presented the latest trends and challenges as well as sustainable design solutions. Other topics included accessibility and sustainability in the digital world, with Vitaly presenting the latest EU directives and best practices. The program was rounded off with a practical session on complex design patterns, which provided participants with useful tips and tricks for their daily work.

The third major topic of our annual meeting was a project-oriented training session with communication trainer Jeury Tavares. Under the motto "Unleash the power of synergy: Collaborate to create a bigger pie, not just a larger slice!", Jeury taught the participants how to improve their communication skills and optimize collaboration at +Pluswerk. With self-awareness exercises and techniques for successful communication, Jeury helped participants to communicate more confidently and effectively. He also taught them how to give impressive presentations and stand out from the crowd. Finally, the participants were able to put their newly acquired skills to the test in a pitch training session and received direct feedback from Jeury.

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The +Pluswerkers in the morning on the terrace of the "Müggelseeperle" conference center

Innovative workshops for UX excellence with Vitaly Friedmann

Vitaly Friedmann, UX/UI Specialist & Speaker

During my workshop, we sat down together and diligently delved into the depths of complex UIs, collaboration between designers and developers, the use of AI in 2024 as well as accessibility and digital sustainability. It was impressive to see how engaged the team was, especially with complex design models and practical UX strategies.

I hope a few insights here and there have helped +Pluswerkers and will benefit their clients through more efficient and sustainable digital solutions thanks to better workflows and AI. Kudos to all participants and organizers for their active participation and many, many questions. It was a pleasure to work with such motivated professionals!

Vitaly, UX expert and co-founder of Smashing Magazine, helps organizations worldwide to overcome web design challenges. He advises organizations such as the European Parliament and leads sought-after UX workshops - Vitaly Friedmann on LinkedIn

Conclusion: More for us, our customers and partners

The +Pluscamp 2024 was a complete success and further strengthened the cohesion and expertise at +Pluswerk. Our customers will benefit from the many new insights and the improved skills of our employees. Thanks to the personal and cordial exchange of best practices and innovative ideas on site, we are ideally positioned to deliver optimal digital solutions. The training courses on modern software development and UX strategies enable us to keep our finger on the pulse and offer innovative solutions.

The improved communication skills and strengthened team spirit will be reflected in even better collaboration with our customers and in the development of projects. With the new knowledge and methods, we can implement projects faster and more efficiently, resulting in cost savings and greater customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, the time invested in training and team building will pay off positively for the client, as we will continue to grow as an agency and strengthen our position as a leading digital solution provider.

The power of true collaboration with Jeury Tavares

Jeury Tavares, Coach & Trainer

In the "Unleashing the power of synergy" workshop, I showed +Pluswerk employees how important real collaboration is for joint business success. Over the course of two days, the +Pluswerkers used their best skills and worked together to solve the various challenges posed in the workshop. For me as a trainer, it is always great to see how a group grows together, no matter where it comes from.

The strengthened sense of community has a positive effect on +Pluswerk's customers, as it enables +Pluswerk to implement its projects even more efficiently and creatively. The positive energy and strong team spirit of the employees from the various locations really enriched my workshop days and showed how much strength and energy there is in the network. Many thanks to +Pluswerk and everyone who contributed to making the +Pluswerk vision a reality.

Jeury Tavares is a communication and mental fitness trainer and workshop facilitator -

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