What I ask organizations when I advise them on OKR implementation....

Every company is different. And thus also any OKR implementation.

One thing I realize again and again: OKR is consistently underestimated by customers! And yet everything is so simple.  We formulate goals, cascade them throughout the company, and everyone participates. Or don't we? No, apparently not.

Because OKR is demanding and needs a consistent decision for it and then consistent care. Somehow this reminds me of the acquisition of a pet: goldfish or Siamese cat? Or even an Australian Shephard? Here, a lot can be done wrong...

The decision should be made CONSCIOUSLY - because the decision has consequences.

 My questions for companies willing to implement OKR are:

  • 1. you want to introduce OKR - why now?
  • 2. what should be different?

If now answers come like:

  • Re 1: Google does it too...
  • To 2: we want to increase our productivity or we want to manage our projects better.

...at the latest then it becomes clear - uppsss: We have to talk! And in doing so, I particularly try to show the insane potential that OKR carries within itself. Because the charm is much more than target management.

OKR (done right) changes the culture and way of working in a way that makes everyone more motivated and fun to do. Through the continuous focus on the customer and the constant improvement of the common work, a consistent pulsating change management is lived.

We would like to show this opportunity to all companies. So sorry if I ask too much.

A contribution by:
Dagmar is an agile coach und OKR consultant at +Pluswerk
Write her to info(at)pluswerk(dot)ag