Better online marketing through success analysis

Meaningful analyses of user behavior on the Internet are the key to continuous improvement of any offer. As a digital agency with decades of experience in the use of web tracking tools, we design and implement effective tools such as Google Analytics or the open source tool Matomo to track and improve your customers' customer journey with meaningful metrics.

What good are the best ads if their financial success is not measured? What use are updates to an app if you can't check whether users are interacting with new elements as hoped? How can you track the economic value of your website if you don't know how many users are consuming what content on your website, and where those users are coming from?

All these questions and many more are answered by efficient web tracking of your website, newsletter or app. Get valuable insights on users and their behavior to find and work on potential problems and opportunities. Based on the data gathered over a longer period of time, you can evaluate marketing campaigns and optimize landing pages to increase your sales at the end of the day.

Anyone who dares to dive into the depths of web tracking will be surprised by the almost limitless possibilities of the tools. Benefit from these and many other possibilities: 

  • E-commerce tracking for online stores and other projects
  • Scroll depth measurement of users on landing pages 
  • Manual cookie management with Google Tag Manager
  • Remarketing list creation through Facebook and Google Ads tracking
  • Success measurement of social media activities
  • Integration of own offline data such as customer lists

Optimal tracking thanks to combined Google offers 

By combining the two leading online marketing offerings Google Ads and Google Analytics, unimagined efficiency gains can be achieved. For example, it is easily possible to play ads to people who have pressed a specific button on a specific landing page or who have spent a predefined amount of time there. This is only a small excerpt of good web tracking, because the actual possibilities are almost unlimited.


Privacy compliant web tracking de luxe

As great as the opportunities of web tracking are, the correct implementation is also challenging, especially with regard to compliance with all relevant regulations in data protection. Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is more important than ever, not least to avoid potentially very costly warnings. 

Therefore, we will be happy to check your current tracking for errors or potential for improvement, build a completely new tracking system together with you, or give your store a suitable e-commerce tracking system. Don't miss your chance to better understand and reach your own customers!

The future lies ahead of us

We make significant and measurable contributions to the digital transformation and implementation of digital potential at our customers. 

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