Dortmund surprises you...

Cup winner

The pot goes to the pot: The winner of the German Design Awards 2017 dortmund-​ proves that the Ruhr metropolis stands for more than coal, steel and soccer. This is exactly what the campaign of the city of Dortmund underlines, whose design provides the blueprint for the online special realized by +Pluswerk.

As a cross-media "icing on the cake", the website highlights nine thematic areas, focusing on the often unexpected strengths of Dortmund as a business location. Packaged in a modern multimedia outfit, the city presents itself as a center for culture, sports, technology and science - and not least as an attractive place to live. The interactive cube concept in combination with state-of-the-art parallax effects also underlines the dynamics of the livable Westphalian metropolis in the presentation.





  • Consulting, conception and web design from a single source
  • Winner German Design Award 2017
  • Media Wall with connection to five social media APIs
  • Parallax scrolling
  • 7 million PI's / month

About Dortmund Surprises You


Where is the world's only university with its own particle accelerator? Where does the largest urban choir festival take place every year? Where do the happiest employees live? In Dortmund! The campaign of the Ruhr metropolis surprises with facts like these and more, which attracts attention cross-medially in print and online channels.

The online community is actively involved, because every Dortmund resident has the opportunity to reveal and share his or her very own secret about the city via social media. In this way, photos, stories, places and people come together to form an exciting puzzle on the award-winning online platform.

Concept & Design


True to the motto "Dortmund surprises. You.", the modern design reflects the city's new image campaign. Interactive cubes and aesthetic parallax effects give the online presence an unmistakable face that also convinced the jury of the German Designs Awards.

The consistent integration of social media elements ensures constantly new and exciting content and the emotional connection and involvement of the target group, which identifies with "their" city. During implementation, special emphasis was placed on optimal display on all end devices. This means that the website is ideally equipped for the future and also offers editors the opportunity to enter their contributions on mobile devices and in "real time".


Solution and technical implementation

  • Media Wall with connection to five APIs (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and YouTube).
  • Search by hashtag
  • Filter function for posts via color-coded topics
  • The use of hashtags makes it possible to place posts prominently in the social media and also on the Media Wall.
  • Technical implementation with NEOS

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